Winter Injury Statement
Arctic Blast of December 2022

The arctic blast we experienced this past December was not only tough on us and our homes, but our gardens too. We are already seeing signs of winter injury on many plants from the low temperatures and high winds during this extreme event. 

Some broadleaf evergreens in our area seem to have been hit the hardest, including hybrid hollies, nandinas, abelia, mahonia, southern azaleas, laurels, bamboo, and aucuba. We also expect to see injury on plants that are marginally hardy in our area such as crapemyrtles, sweet box, and leyland cypress.

While these and many other plants may appear to be dead right now, DO NOT start cutting things down or removing them just yet. The severity of the damage and best course of action will range depending on the type of plant as well as its location, health, and age. We will not be able to fully evaluate the extent of each plants injury until the spring at which time we will post on our social media about individual plants affected and the best course of action for that particular plant. 

Wondering how you can try to lessen this type of damage to your plants in the future? 

  • Plant only fully winter-hardy plants for your USDA zone.
  • Do not stimulate growth in the fall with pruning or fertilization.
  • Keep plants properly hydrated in the summer and fall to prevent drought stress going into winter.

The bottom line is that we must all accept that Mother Nature is ultimately in control. This type of damage has happened before and it will happen again. Experimentation and death are always going to be a part of gardening, no matter what level of experience you have, so stay curious and re-frame this winter event as an opportunity to learn more about your garden. 

Our extensively experienced professionals are always here to help, so if you have any additional questions regarding winter injury please send them to

Stay tuned for more winter injury updates on our social media this spring.  

Featured This Month

Houseplants | Plant Kingdom


Growing houseplants and flowering tropical plants can brighten our spirits and improve our indoor environment even on the coldest winter day. Today’s design trends often combine flowering, foliage, and succulent plants in the same display.

One of the most important factors in growing Houseplants successfully is light. Modern, energy-efficient windows have reduced the quality of light that houseplants need to grow. To combat this obstacle some plants will need to be directly in a window or supplemented with artificial light. If this does not work for your design, consider buying two of the same plant and rotating them every 3 weeks or so. Three weeks on display, then three weeks in a window, and tada - a healthy thriving plant on display all the time.

Allowing your plant time to acclimate to its new environment is also important to its long-term success. When introducing a new plant to your collection, monitor its moisture level for the first month and adjust your water accordingly as it adapts to the new environment. Factors like plant type, light levels, air movement, humidity, and air temperature can all affect how often and how much you will need to water.  

Click Here to read more about overwintering houseplants or follow us on Instagram to see our weekly TPK Tuesday Tip series in which we have many editions on houseplant care. 

Have more questions? Send us an email or give us a call because our team is experienced and ready to help. Fresh houseplant deliveries will arrive weekly all winter long beginning January 5th. 

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