ultrashape fat destroying procedure

Why A Surgeon is Your Best Choice for a Nonsurgical Body Sculpting Procedure

Julene B Samuels, MD FACS introduced UltraShape to Louisville, KYI am betting that you have heard by now that we can effectively reduce body fat with several different non-surgical devices. All of these devices differ greatly...some work on both skin and fat, some work mostly on skin and to a lesser degree on fat, and some work only on fat leaving the skin to do the best it can to "redrape" itself once the fat below the skin is reduced. It can be very confusing for patients to know which device's technology is best for their target tissue. If you only listen to marketing hype, they all sound miraculous.

I devote large amounts of my time to studying device technology and partnering with manufacturers and their engineers to develop better and more effective technologies like UltraShape Power. If a patient wishes to choose a non-surgical approach, as a surgeon, I believe we owe them a good alternative. I use these non-surgical tools in my surgical body contouring practice as adjuncts to my surgical results and for non-surgical maintenance for surgical patients over time. In my surgical practice, I want the very best tools, otherwise, it is very easy for me to just recommend "one and done" in-office liposuction.

The best non-surgical device has to be able to compete fairly well (or at least better than its other non-surgical competitors) with the "Gold Standard" result of surgery itself. Who better than a surgeon can accurately compare results of a non-surgical approach to those of surgery?

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